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We must change the global paradigm from illness being contagious to making good health contagious.

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Ahimsa Renaissance

The COVID19 outbreak has to be a starting point for change. It must make it possible to build, on the basis of what we have learned, new fundamentals for tomorrow’s world, engaging young generations, in order to be best prepared to face the future.
ARM will do so in a humble, ethical, spiritual, open and positive way, with a willingness to share these reflections, with all. Learn more

Ahimsa Fund contributes to the SDGs by supporting realistic, innovative, cost-effective and replicable global health initiatives for the most underprivileged populations of the world. Read more


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"One Health’ is based on the understanding that human health and animal health are interdependent and linked to the health of the ecosystems in which they co-exist." https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/story/one-health-approach-critical-tackle-health-inequality-and-emerging-diseases

Covid-19 : les États-Unis vont-ils (enfin) faire sauter les brevets ? https://usbeketrica.com/fr/article/etats-unis-vaccins-brevet

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