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We must change the global paradigm from illness being contagious to making good health contagious.

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Ahimsa Fund contributes to the SDGs by supporting realistic, innovative, cost-effective and replicable global health initiatives for the most underprivileged populations of the world. Read more


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https://www.enviscope.com/des-nouvelles-formes-dentreprendre-solidairement-par-olivier-frerot/ #Solidarity #SocialBusiness #CSR #Entrepreneurship

102 milliards de dollars de micro-crédits - GoodPlanet mag' https://www.goodplanet.info/2020/01/29/102-milliards-de-dollars-de-micro-credits/#.Xj0rvj5OPz4.twitter #fightPoverty #MicroCredit

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